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We deliver dairy raw materials for industry for our regular customers and partners.

We produce high-quality food blends for partners from the following industries:

  • chocolate
  • bakery and confectionery
  • ice-cream
  • dairy
  • yoghurts
  • white cheeses
  • sports nutrition

We offer our partners the highest quality raw materials from reliable suppliers

  • Skimmed milk powder

Skimmed milk powder

Skim milk powder low, medium, high pasteurization

Thermo-stable skimmed milk powder

UHT skimmed milk powder

  • Whole milk powder

Whole milk powder low / high pasteurization

  • Buttermilk powder

BMP (4% - 11%)

  • Cream powder

Cream powder with different milk fat content (42% - 75%)

  • Milk protein concentrates

MPC (40% - 85%)

  • Derivatives of milk and whey

Milk and whey permeate

  • Whey powder

Sweet whey

Demi sweet whey 40, 50, 70, 90

  • Whey protein concentrates

WPC (35% - 80%)

  • Special products

Powdered milk and whey with the addition of vegetable fats with different protein content (4% -24%) and vegetable fat (6% -50%)

We work with over 50 producers in the EU and we are able to offer a wide range of products for our partners

  • Certificates: Kosher, Halal, HACCP, FFSC 22000, IFS, BRC
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